Tropical Vibes


    You wake up and look forward to relaxing on the beach, enjoying a cool drink in your hand, sunbathing and listening to the sound of waves hitting the shore. But then reality hits. Your swimsuit is a little too vintage for this season.

    If you're one of those people who can't get enough tropical vibes - this set is made just for you!

    Tropical Vibes Set was actually designed for women like ourselves - always on the go - who want to look chic without having to think too much or be overly accessorizing. We carefully designed each piece to complement each other and be worn at any time, day or night, casual or formal, without competing with your outfit... or distracting from it!


    Shop Our Tropical Vibes Necklace Set NOW!


    ✔️ One set to rule them all? Not quite, but with this Tropical Vibes set, you are close.

    ✔️ You'll find yourself reaching for this jewelry set everyday because it goes well with any outfit!

    ✔️ Tropical Vibes stands out with its passion for warm and classy boho wear patterns.

    ✔️ Our curated Solar System Charm bracelet holds your favorite planets.

    ✔️ Make a statement in your accessories collection with this meaningful piece.


    • Metal Type: Zinc Alloy
    • Color: Silver

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