Naya Bracelets: A Genuine 925 Sterling Silver Designer and Creator 

As a brand that is home to world-class artisans, we pride ourselves in designing and making silver jewelries. Because of the care we put into making quality silver, we at Naya Bracelets urges you to take all means possible to keep and maintain your silver at their best condition.

Our 92.5 Sterling Silver jewelries require regular polishing to maintain its luster. Here's an important fact about genuine Sterling Silver: it oxidizes or tarnishes with time so you need to know how to take care of it properly and not lose its "sterling" quality.

Yes, you heard that right. Real silver tarnishes. So we especially dedicated a page to help you keep it "forever" shining and emphasize its patina (the appearance of sheen or luster that the sterling silver acquires over time on its surface).


What does our rating of 92.5 on Sterling Silver mean?

When it comes to real silver, a rating of 92.5 indicates that it has been melded or combined with 6.5% copper. This is essential because copper makes the jewelry harder for use and as mentioned, genuine silver oxidizes so the purer it is, the faster will be the oxidation process. A soft silver can't be molded into jewelry.


How do you know that it is 92.5?

These silver jewelries are identified with the stamp of 925 or 92.5 on them. Remember that a gift of jewelries implicitly means that it is a treasure that you want the other person to keep forever. That's why the quality of the jewelry should not, and should never be compromised.

Why buy low-quality jewelry when you should invest in a treasure that you'd like your loved ones to keep close to their hearts? Jewelries are meant to be worn - not really "displayed" at home like other ornaments.

When you give something precious to a loved one, you would not want them to be disappointed when your gift turns out to be something they didn't expect it to be, right? 

Since these are gifts that are closest to the person (in a sense that they're always touching the skin), you should find the best quality of jewelry there is - as much as possible, within your budget of course.

I'm sure that you'd like to give something that will not easily get broken or something precious that will not easily lose its shine and beauty. Naya Bracelets exists to bring you the best genuine 92.5 Sterling Silver jewelries at affordable prices.



Here are some tips to care of you genuine Sterling Silver jewelry (share these with loved ones who received 92.5 sterling silver jewelry gifts too):

1. For maintenance: gently wipe your silver jewelry with a soft polishing cloth when you notice any tarnish. This will immediately remove the corrosion.

92.5 Sterling Silver doesn't require much cleaning as silver with a rating of 95% for example. It's easier to maintain than silver with higher ratings so you don't need to worry much but it's still best to do occasional cleaning.

You can also use a mixture of baking soda and water (1 to 2 parts ratio) to clean your silver jewelry. Mix these into a paste and use some old brush to gently polish the silver.

2. Big No-no's and More Gentle Reminders

To maintain the good quality of your silver, please bear these in mind:

a.  Remove your jewelry when taking a bath or shower. If you want to keep your jewelry at its best or top condition, always, always remember to prevent it from being exposed to water over time. As an additional precaution, this goes the same with wearing your silver when you're immersed in any body of water or swimming pools and hot springs.

b. Wear your jewelry as often as possible because the natural oil from your skin will help in preserving its luster. As mentioned, jewelries are meant to be worn (unless it costs more than your land, car, or house - it's understandable to hide it from the public eye) especially if it's given by the person you treasure so much.

This might not be hard to remember. It is the best, least expensive and effortless way of maintaining your 925 silver jewelry.

c. Put on your silver after slathering or spreading lotion on your skin for some time. Some lotions might have chemicals in them that will contribute to the faster corrosion of Sterling Silver. 

d. Don't soak or put your silver jewelry in or near any strong chemical that you think will destroy it too (example: chlorine). If it's not good for skin exposure, it won't also do with our silver.

e. Just wear your jewelry after doing chores or any activity that might destroy it. These activities can include exercising in the gym (excessive sweat might destroy silver too), cooking, rock climbing, or gardening.

3. Storage: If you won't wear your silver jewelry for prolonged periods of time, please be reminded of its proper storage. Place your jewelry in a tight, sealed bag that is layered with soft cloth (especially when you're traveling). Put in some silica gel bags for better corrosion prevention!


Some last words:

Keep in mind that Naya Bracelets produces some of the best affordable silver jewelries out there. But this doesn't mean that our precious silver doesn't need proper care and maintenance anymore.

Buying silver jewelry from us also comes with an agreement from you that you will respect the efforts of our master artisans and designers by doing your part in keeping its quality to the best of your abilities.

The jewelry you're wearing carries the thought of its creator. The design has undergone hours of planning and preparation. Moreover, we're sure that you might be aware that any dedicated and passionate blacksmith or silversmith has poured his or her heart and soul into every piece of jewelry he or she makes. 

It is our pride and joy to fill the world with smiles in the creation of our silver jewelry art pieces that are symbols of undying love and affection. Be part of our dream!