Naya Bracelet first and foremost, is committed to the care and preservation of the environment. Our dedication to supporting environmental causes is seen in the way we use environmentally raw materials as much as possible to create our jewelry line. 


As a driver of environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes, we aim to see the whole of the fashion industry adapt this way of ethical way of promoting nature-friendly accessories. 
It goes against our conscience to preserve the environmentally destructive jewelry manufacturing processes since this industry flourished. We are aware of how these affect the future - a future of which we are also a part of. 
It is one of our goals to encourage our customers to seek ecologically sound choices. You might not necessarily buy from us but if you see or are inspired by our vision, then we deem our cause successful. 
This is our call to like-minded (or "radically different-minded") individuals to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. You might think that you're insignificant and in no way capable of making an impact, but we assure you, even the wise purchasing of a simple item such as fashion accessory can determine the future flow of events especially in regards to environmental conditions.
A Naya chic is a responsible, nature-loving gal with a mission. Be one of us. Save the environment. Save lives. Save the future.