For many women, the bracelet is a must-have beauty accessory in their wardrobe. Whether as a big cuff or a set of bangles, they are perfect for adding a dash of style to the wearer. Unlike other ornaments like necklaces, the bracelet is visibly seen most of the time as the hand is moved. This means you can witness first-hand how well it is accentuating your beauty (pun intended). 

Women and men have worn bracelets for centuries. There are loads of variety to pick from as they're also made from all types of materials. Choosing one that perfectly matches your style can therefore be a little confusing. After all, you want to look chic without feeling uncomfortable. Here are some things to consider before deciding which one is worth your hard-earned money.  

Know Your Size

The first thing to consider before making a purchase is the size of your wrist. You don’t want to end up with an ill-fitting bracelet. How do you go about measuring the circumference of your wrist, you ask? Simple: by using a good old tape measure. 


Picking the Perfect Bracelet


Whichever style you go with, make sure that the bracelet is larger than your wrist by ¾ of an inch to 1.5. A larger bracelet has a more lavish drape, but don’t go for too much drape lest your valued bracelet slides off. 

The average size for women's bracelets is around 7 to 7½ inches. Naturally, if you have a small and narrow wrist, don’t even think about wearing a large bracelet and vice versa. Elegance and comfort go hand in hand. You want a bracelet that doesn’t clash with your personal style.

While you can also wear your bracelet on both wrists, it is advisable to wear it on the less dominant hand. This should help you keep it out of harm’s way and the risk of it getting lost. 


Picking the Perfect Bracelet


Consider the Style

What type of bracelets are you looking for? There are cuffs, bangles, charm bracelets, chain and link, and handmade bracelets, among many others. Each of these bracelets have their own sub-styles. For example, a charm bracelet can be subcategorized into traditional, multi-link, cable, and custom. 

Knowing your preferred style makes it easy for you to pick the ideal bracelet to complement your outfit. It is also good to consider where you will be wearing them, for what occasion, and the types of clothes you will be wearing. Make sure you are prepared for any event by having a range of bracelets to use for whatever event.


Picking the Perfect Bracelet


Who You are Buying For

Bracelets, like pretty much any jewelry gift, are meant to be worn. If you are looking to surprise your girlfriend, sister, wife, or mother with a lovely bracelet, make sure you know their size and personal tastes. If you are not sure what best works for them, you can take a look into their jewelry collection to determine what they like and what their size is. If that trick fails, there is no harm in asking, is there?

Whichever style or size you are looking for, Nayabracelets has a wide and varied collections to suit all tastes. Conveniently shop online and find the best jewelry for your loved ones. 


Picking the Perfect Bracelet