In simplest terms, a necklace can be called a jewelry (or even some clothing) which is worn around the neck. However, we must emphasize that a necklace is not just an accessory that wraps around one’s neck; it has more meaning and value to it than it seems. It is true that a necklace is an everlasting, trendy accessory that goes with both casual and elegant dresses. But it has much more to it than a fashion accessory.


During ancient times, our ancestors had a very hard time manufacturing necklaces. It is needless to mention that all the accessories during that time were made using manual labor (they were 100% handcrafted). Also, the jewels and other beads were created plainly (with hardly any polishing or precise cutting). Depending on the jewels and the materials used to manufacture the necklace, the wearer’s class, ethnicity, status, beliefs, and many other aspects were determined. During that time, materials like wood, plant beads, shells, gems, rocks, bones, and various other stuff were used for making necklaces.


In fact, the symbolism used during the past has survived up to a certain extent when it comes to the nature of some types of necklace.


When it comes to wearing a necklace, women wear it in a very different manner compared to men. In fact, when a woman wears a necklace, it automatically draws the attention of the public to her cleavage. However, the necklace is not a piece of jewelry that suggests sexuality, but it emphasizes aspects like femininity, elegance, charm and the aesthetic values of her neck. Men in general, prefer wearing necklaces that are of the choke-type. The decorative element of men’s necklace is far less complex compared to women’s necklace. However, they still deliver a message about the person who wears it. For instance, it says that the wearer prefers to look good, trendy, self-caring and in a nutshell, a man of his times.


As of today, giving a necklace as a gift item has become an exceptionally common practice. There is no shortage of ways for you to obtain this gift - thanks to the technology today. For instance, you can buy a necklace from an online store like instead of shopping physically. When offered as a gift, necklaces have an emotional value to them. For instance, you can show your affection towards your loved ones (your fiancé, spouse, mother, daughter, sister, grandma or a friend) by offering them a beautiful necklace.


Wearing a necklace with every outfit has become a mandatory aspect especially for women.