Have you ever wondered why we wear jewelry? Nowadays, it is something many of us wear without even thinking much about its rich, colorful history that brought about its current style and multitude of usage.  

The Beginning… 

The conception of jewelry dates back some 130,000 years ago when our ancestors started wearing animal bones and hide as a kind of ornament.

However, the first emergence of jewelry that we would recognize in today’s society first emerged around 7,000 years ago worn by the ancient Egyptians. 

From that point, the idea of decorating ourselves with intricate items of gold and gems slowly and continuously evolved through the life of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. But archaeologists also discovered jewelry pieces across the globe from the Aztecs to settlements across China and India. 


History of Jewelry


The Middle Ages

Jewelry continued to become more commonplace and during the renaissance period, jewelry technology and knowledge increased at incredible speed. Artisans began using more intricate designs and techniques to create beautiful items that were worn to show wealth and status within society. 

Over the next few centuries, fashion trends quickly came and went, but jewelry maintained its position as the ultimate accessory. As the 17th century began, wealthy aristocrats would often wear dark clothing. To offset this, they started wearing gold jewelry more frequently to ensure that their items would stand out. 

As time went on, various influences, from Napoleon to Queen Victoria helped change fashion trends further. As jewelry became more affordable, it became more common amongst the population. 


History of Jewelry



The Present Day

As the industrial revolution transformed society, jewelry remained as a status symbol. But people of all classes and backgrounds started wearing it. Fast forward to today, the jewelry industry is worth billions of dollars globally - with intricate gold and diamond pieces being worn by everyone. 

Contemporary jewelry is wide-ranging but some of the most common items include necklaces, rings, and bracelets. As technology has evolved, it has also allowed the industry to introduce new materials such as plastics and textiles, pushing the boundaries of what jewelry is and how it should look even further. 


History of Jewelry


While there are thousands of jewelry makers around the world including some of the world’s leading fashion brands, in recent years, there has been an increase in the number of consumers seeking more bespoke and ethical styles of jewelry. 

This has seen the popularity of handmade pieces rise. With the quality craftsmanship that comes from these pieces alongside their originality and truly unique style, handmade jewelry helps people stand out from the crowd. 


Handmade Jewelry


How We Can Help 

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Handmade Jewelry