In recent years, the popularity of handmade jewelry has been on the rise. The beautiful and bespoke nature of the pieces, alongside the personal care and attention put into each piece by artisans, are able to give a truly unique item. 

Handmade jewelry is the best way to help you stand out from the crowd. The possession of a truly unique piece lets you enjoy wearing a luxurious item that is exceptional. A lot of time and detail goes into creating each piece so if you are thinking of treating yourself to some gorgeous handmade jewelry, here are five things you might not have known:

  • No machinery 
  • Many people do not realize that handmade jewelry is not just a name and each individual piece is made entirely by hand by highly skilled artisans. These experienced makers carefully solder, saw, carve, and shape each item with the utmost care without the use of any machine. Although this means they cannot produce as many pieces, it does guarantee that each piece is unique.


    Handmade Jewelry


  • Better materials
  • Mass-produced jewelry items are often of a lower quality as they are more challenging for factories to regulate the alloys and materials used. Not only that, but the machinery used to form each item can cause various metals to blend together. 

    When an item is made by hand, it allows the artisans to see precisely what goes on into each piece while enabling them to also choose the best quality materials possible. 


    Handmade Jewelry



  • Sustainable
  • Not only is handmade jewelry incredibly beautiful, but it is also far more sustainable when compared to mass-produced items. These products are made from ethically sourced materials and produced using methods that are significantly more sustainable. 

    Alongside that, you are also assured that the material manufacturers are able to enjoy a fair trade wage.


    Handmade Jewelry



  • Higher quality
  • As each item of jewelry is being made by hand with unrivaled care and love by a skilled artisan, you are able to enjoy the very best products possible. These experienced makers will be able to quality-check the items from beginning to end, ensuring that the final piece is of excellent quality and workmanship. 


    Handmade Jewelry



  • Each piece has a story
  • When you are wearing a piece of handmade jewelry, you are wearing part of a unique story. Each artisan and designer uses the items to tell a story. Each piece will have its own personal history, helping the wearer feel more connected to the artisan. 


    Handmade Jewelry


    How we can help 

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