There are many types of jewelry that can help you dazzle and express your personal style for any kind of outfit. It has to be argued that bracelets are up there with the best. Few things can beat a dangling bunch of elegant bangles or one pretty diamond chain on your wrist. 

That being said, there is a limitless number of bracelet styles out there and picking one for the right occasion can be daunting. With so many options to choose from and only two wrists to wrap them on, an important question that we are faced with is - what bracelets are appropriate and for which occasions? Here are some tips. 

Day to Day Routine

Assuming you have a regular office job, it is essential to look the part from Monday to Friday. Therefore, you are likely to be wearing something official or at least business casual (like a suit). This means you have to keep your accessories conservative while also maintaining a sense of style and elegance. You can go with a single bangle or a classy chain with a gem. Avoid combining many types of metals on your wrist, especially if your workplace doesn’t have a casual environment.

Also, consider your daily activities before deciding which bracelet to wear. For example, if you work with medical equipment, you want bracelets that won’t get in your way. 


Bracelets for Work




Saturdays and Sundays are perfect days to dazzle people with your personal style while you're away from the work environment. You are likely off shopping with the girls or just running errands in the city. You are allowed to let a little loose and probably stack your favorite bracelets on your wrist. However, keep in mind that too much variety can appear a bit messy. That aside, nothing spices up your casual weekend look than a stylish bracelet! 

Bracelets for Casual Wear

Special occasions

Attending your friend’s birthday, your sister’s graduation ceremony, or celebrating an anniversary counts as special occasions. This is your time to make a statement and be as glamorous as you can possibly be (of course, without going overboard). Get out those burnished metals, elegant pearls, and colorful gemstones and slay that look. All these bracelets go with your evening fabrics (e.g., silk and satin) and will make you the center of attraction for the right reasons. 


Bracelets for Special Occasions


Date nights

Are you going out on a weekend date? There is no better time to combine your styles and add some mojo to your bracelet game. Bring out your metals, gemstones, handmade bracelets. You name it. If you plan on hitting the club for some dancing, it’s time to bring on that glitz and shine. Diamonds, gold, and gemstones are perfect choices to raise your fashion game while keeping it casual.


Bracelets for Date Nights


Final word

Ultimately, it all comes down to what makes you feel comfortable, sexy, and unique. Pick a bracelet that’s is not too tight on your wrists. In fact, your wrist jewelry should be so comfortable you almost don’t notice it’s there. Well, except when everyone is complimenting your fiercely sexy and elegant looks!